Case Studies

The Carmel Institute for Russian Culture and History (CIRCH)


When Susan E. Carmel , philanthropist, businesswoman, and long-time Angel Enterprises client, wanted to create a new initiative focused on enhancing greater cultural understanding between Russians and Americans, she called on Angel Enterprises to help initiate the effort from the ground up. Ms. Carmel’s vision was to build lasting connections between younger generations of Russians and Americans by reaching their hearts and minds through film, the arts, and education. She relied on Angel’s expertise and strategic counsel in public outreach and media relations to help see this initiative come to fruition. These combined efforts culminated in what is now known as the Carmel Institute for Russian Culture and History (CIRCH), a very popular program at American University.
Angel Enterprises hit the ground running by researching the best ways to create a structure for what began as an initiative, as well as helping to develop a public relations and media outreach plan that matched Ms. Carmel’s goals for engaging all university students in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Angel helped provide the necessary strategic counsel that continues to provide the CIRCH with a road map towards success, and continues to take the lead in creating and publicizing the multiple events that the CIRCH has hosted over the last five years. Angel continues to be instrumental in designing, organizing, and managing the public outreach and communications strategies for the CIRCH.

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