Case Studies

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Commission on the Regulation of U.S. Capital Markets in the 21st Century


 In the wake of a number of major corporate and accounting scandals, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was passed into federal law.  This industry revolutionizing piece of legislation required U.S. public company boards, management, and public accounting firms to meet strict and often costly operating standards.  To help its members, many of whom have suffered as a result of complying with SOX requirements, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce formed the Commission on the Regulation of U.S. Capital Markets in the 21st Century.  The Commission was developed as an independent, high-level and bipartisan group created to consider the appropriate legal and regulatory framework for the U.S. capital markets in the 21st century.


While the Commission’s goal was clear, the method for reaching this goal was not.  Angel Enterprises quickly developed and implemented a public relations outreach plan in order to assist the Commission’s goal of communicating with all aspects of the financial community on a national level. As part of this effort the Commission hosted a series of meetings and public hearings to help develop a consensus reform agenda.  The final product of the Commission was a report outlining specific legislative and regulatory recommendations.  In addition to event planning management, Angel Enterprises provided strategic counsel throughout the Commission’s tenure, most specifically geared towards Board communications and assistance. Angel Enterprises also managed media relations for all meetings, public hearings, and per each Commissioner’s needs. Finally, Angel Enterprises managed and produced a multi-day widely attended launch event of the Commission’s report which received extensive national and international media coverage.

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