Case Studies



The #DECAATTProject, a collaboration built upon DECA’s renowned Comprehensive Learning Program and a 70 year history of creating volunteer opportunities, provided the foundation for AT&T volunteers to support classroom instruction, provide ‘real world’ experiences and assess student achievement. Participating schools served at-risk students, students from rural areas and students from military families as part of a larger initiative through the AT&T Aspire Mentoring Academy, aimed at connecting students with mentors to help them succeed in school and beyond.


In its inaugural year, this joint collaboration between AT&T and DECA reached out to Angel Enterprises to help promote and highlight the more than 31,000 hours of mentoring to 11,500 students that took place in 20 schools across the United States that this mutual endeavor accomplished.  Through best practice promotions, cutting edge social media tools, and the creation of a highlight video co-produced with the help of students from participating high schools, Angel helped DECA and AT&T reach a social media audience of more than 12 million viewers, and a video presence on over 230 media sites, including broadcast media, newspapers, blogs and parental influencers, news and information services and trade pubs.  As a result of Angel’s high-intensity promotion and successful results, Angel and DECA are in process of promoting the   2nd year of #DECAATT’s collaboration.

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