Case Studies

Taiwan Civil Government (TCG)


When Dr. Roger Lin, Chairman of the Taiwan Civil Government (TCG) organization wanted to meaningfully educate and engage decision-makers in Washington DC and gain greater recognition world-wide, he called on Angel Enterprises to help realize his goals. Angel set to work establishing a public relations campaign that would educate the U.S. Government and members of the international community about the TCG, its mission and goals, as well as its multi-purpose call to action.


Creating a broad public relations outreach strategy that included the creation of new and informative websites, promotional videos, impactful press releases, editorials, and strategic media opportunities, as well as a robust event planning and advertising campaign, the TCG was able to inform and interact with members of the Think Tank, Advocacy, Congressional, Diplomatic and Executive communities in Washington DC, New York City, nation-wide and worldwide. Angel effectively launched a widespread national and international public relations campaign that reached audiences at the highest levels and millions more through meaningful and comprehensive media outreach and engagement.

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